3 Benefits of a Car Lift for Your Suburban Home

If you live in the suburbs, you know that your space is generally limited. Most of the homes are designed in the same way, and so are most of the garages. This means you likely have one car parked in the garage and one car parked in the driveway. If you are looking for a solution to this issue and a better way to handle car storage, consider these three benefits of a car lift for your suburban home.

Reduced Chance of Damage

When there are storms in suburban areas, especially with heavy winds and rain, you will likely experience related damage. In a suburban area this means experiencing flying debris including landscaping debris and home debris such as small pieces of siding. This debris can cause damage to your car body and paint jobs. With a car lift, your car is protected from any storm damage and costly repairs from that damage.

Extra Storage Options

If you have a one car garage, but own two cars, then you know one of those cars will always be exposed to outside elements and possible damage or theft. You likely don't have the room to add on to the garage for storing the second car. A car lift may be the ideal solution for you. The car lift will allow you to have one car in the underground storage area and another car parked on top. This allows you to safely park two cars in a one car garage with no additional building extensions or the use of more property and landscape.

Winter Storage

You may have a car that is primarily used for warmer months. For example, you may have a convertible that is used for vacation, beach trips, or spring and summer enjoyment. During the winter, this type of car may not be in use. In fact, you may be paying for winter storage on the car. You can reduce the need for separate winter storage while keeping your car safe. A car lift can allow you to store the car easily while still giving you storage for your daily vehicle.

These are just a few benefits to having a car lift for your suburban home. If you want to know what benefits may be specific for you needs, contact your local car lift dealer. They can help you with questions, pricing, and with installation scheduling. They can also offer you ideas on specific car lift designs that may work best for your home.

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