Additional Amenities to Improve Demand for your Portaloo Business

If you were to count the number of firms offering toilet hire services, you would probably get tired midway through. The growth of the portaloo business can be attributed to increased demand for mobile toilets by different sectors. However, competition in the industry is tight because of increased supply of portable toilets. Therefore, if you are new to the industry and you want to fight off competition, then you need to provide unrivalled services to your clients. It is especially the case if you are looking to target a particular niche, for example, the luxury events. It is not enough to provide a simple toilet with the standard amenities such as tissue papers or hand-wash gels. Sprucing up your portable toilet will improve the experience that your clients have with portaloos. This post highlights facilities that you can offer in your portaloos to enhance customer experience and develop business prospects.


How many times have you used a portable toilet without a mirror? Probably umpteen times. People attending luxury weddings, for instance, are always keen on how they look whenever they come out of a loo, especially ladies. Although portable toilets are meant to be functional, your clients will appreciate it if you avail toilets with mirrors. It allows a customer to freshen up and even reapply makeup once they are done with the bathroom. Your choice of mirrors will depend on how much space you have available. If there is enough space, you can install full-length mirrors. On the other hand, if there is limited space in a portaloo, then a smaller mirror that reflects only the torso is enough. 

Wall Portraits

Who spends their time looking at wall portraits in a portable toilet? After all, people spend very little time inside one. While there is some truth in this, you can improve the ambience in a portable toilet by using wall portraits with specific themes. For instance, if a client has a wedding event, it would not make sense to hang portraits of animals or sports personalities. However, hanging pictures of flowers and cupids would be ideal. Whichever image you decide to hang, make sure it matches the occasion.

AC Unit

Depending on the season, a portable toilet might get either hot or cold. Without an air conditioning unit, therefore, the interior of a portaloo will be uncomfortable. For example, if it is summer and you have a black portaloo, it will heat up to uncomfortable levels. The same would happen during winter. Equipping portable toilets with AC units will ensure that demand is sustained throughout the year.

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