Types of planks for scaffolds: Which ones offer the best support?

Scaffolds often require sturdy and durable planks that offer support to workers and tools while on the job. Proper planks are so important because they determine the integrity of the structure.

While the outer frame is the genesis of support, weak planks can crack or break, resulting in devastating accidents. Therefore, attention should be given to the scaffolding planks anytime a scaffold is being installed.

Not all planks are the same, and there are planks that are better suited for certain applications than others.

Aluminium planks

Among the most sturdy and durable planks used for scaffolding are aluminium planks. Once installed, they remain firmly in place and can uphold heavy loads with ease. Aluminium doesn't easily warp under high pressure or heat, making it perfectly suitable for construction work in unfavourable climatic conditions.

And because the metal doesn't corrode, you don't have to worry about moisture entering your aluminium planks. Due to their smooth surfaces, aluminium planks should be ribbed or covered with a material that provides proper traction.

Plywood planks

Plywood planks are excellent choices for scaffolds that are built for flexibility. For example, mobile scaffolding works best with plywood planks because of their modular nature.

The components of plywood planks can be easily replaced in a matter of minutes, meaning that the scaffold won't have to undergo downtime due to a damaged plank. And just because plywood planks are flexible, that doesn't mean that they're not strong. They can support weight ratings almost as high as aluminium planks.

Laminated veneers

If you're looking for a more cost-effective yet strong scaffolding plank, consider laminated veneers. These industrially manufactured planks can be sized and shaped for your specific applications. While they support slightly lower weights, they are excellent for smaller projects that require ease of use.

Most quality veneers are laminated for extra strength, and machine tested to determine their stress and breaking points. It is important to ensure that you purchase veneers with the proper weight and stress rating to avoid the possibility of warping under pressure.

Pine scaffolding planks

Pine also offers a useful material for plank scaffolding. Planks made from pine can be sized and shaped for multiple uses, and they can sustain heavy loads with ease.

The key to quality pine planks is in how they're made. Always confirm weight and stress ratings from the manufacturer before purchase. In addition, the planks should be protected against water damage by applying waterproof coatings.

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