Two Reasons Why Every Food Manufacturing Facility Should Have a Self-Cleaning Oven

Industrial ovens that come with a self-cleaning feature are usually more expensive than ones that need to be cleaned by hand. However, if you run a food manufacturing facility, it's worth spending a little more on an oven that has this particular feature. Read on to find out why.

It will minimise the risk of the equipment being damaged

If one of your employees has to clean your industrial oven by hand, there is a risk that they could end up breaking this valuable piece of equipment. For example, if they carry out this job on a day when they happen to be tired or struggling to concentrate, they might accidentally spill some of the soapy water that they were using during the cleaning process onto the oven's electrical components and, in doing so, cause serious damage to the equipment.

A mistake of this kind could have a significant impact on your enterprise's profitability. There are a couple of reasons for this; firstly, it could disrupt the food production process (as your employees would have to wait for the broken oven to be repaired or replaced before they could continue to cook your facility's food products). Secondly, you would have pay for a repair person to fix the equipment or, if it is damaged beyond repair, you would have to incur the cost of purchasing a replacement oven.

However, if you buy a self-cleaning oven, like the Unox XEVC-2011-EPR, you won't have to worry about the possibility of these types of unexpected expenses eating into your business's profits, as your employees' involvement in the cleaning process will be minimal, and no water or cleaning products will need to be used.

It will ensure that the quality of your food products is not negatively affected by cleaning products

When an employee has to use chemical cleaning products to wash an industrial oven by hand, there is a chance that they may fail to fully rinse off the product residue or, worse still, that they might accidentally use a toxic cleaning product that is not food-safe.

Both of these errors could have disastrous consequences for your food manufacturing business. For example, if the residue of a chemical oven-cleaning product is left inside the oven chamber, it could impart an unpleasant scent or flavour onto the foods that are subsequently cooked in that oven.

Likewise, if an employee accidentally uses a cleaning product that is not food safe, the food that is later prepared in that oven could end up contaminated with this toxic chemical, which could make the people who eventually consume it very ill.

The potential problems can be avoided by investing in a self-cleaning industrial oven.

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