Three Practical Methods for Cutting Brass Sheets

If you are planning on working with brass sheets during your metal fabrication project, you should choose the right cutting practices for the best results. In general, brass is a durable and appealing material. However, if the metal is handled poorly during cutting processes, the sheets will become damaged and unattractive. In addition, the total financial losses incurred due to the damaged materials could be high. Therefore, you should think about hiring an expert for the brass cutting. If you are set on cutting the sheets on your personal worksite, you should use the practical techniques below for the best results.

Using Shears

The simplest method for cutting brass sheets is using shears. This tool is inexpensive and easy to use, particularly for people without metal cutting experience. If you are interested in using shears, you should explore the market for the best pair. There are three primary types of shears to consider: straight cutting, left cutting and right cutting. Straight cutting shear are perfect for most general-purpose metal cutting. They are primarily designed for cutting in straight lines, but they can make curves if handled correctly. For the best results, you should plan on purchasing the three types of shears for different projects.

Using a Hacksaw

If your brass cutting project involves relatively thick metal sheets, you should think about using a hacksaw. Shears are reliable, but they cannot handle thicker metal plates. If you are planning on utilising a hacksaw, you should use place the sheet metal between two pieces of plywood first. Then, you should clamp the three pieces of materials in a suitable workshop vise. The plywood will stabilise the brass and the vise will prevent the sheets from moving when cutting. When using your hacksaw, you must remember to only apply downward pressure for clean cuts.

Using a Jeweller's Saw

If you are planning on making decorative patterns on your brass sheets, you should purchase a jeweller's saw for the fabrication project. This type of saw can be used in conjunction with a strong bench pin to create intricate shapes and designs in the metal sheets. Ideally, you will need to place the metal and clamp it in the notch of your bench pin. Then, the jeweller's saw can be held vertically and used to cut the brass sheets in the desired designs.

Finally, you should think about acquiring a rotary tool if you would like to upgrade your brass cutting operations. This motorised equipment will allow you to handle sheets, tubes and rods with ease.

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