Bike In A Box: The Advantages Of Choosing A Shipping Container To Store Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exciting ways to get around (at least legally), but the business of storing your motorbike when it's not in use is decidedly less exciting. Without proper shelter, even the most robust touring bike can take a beating from exposure to wind and rain, and a bike that's visible from the road can be an inviting target for thieves. As such, some kind of storage building, such as a garage or large shed, is very useful for protecting your bike.

While building a garage might be the obvious choice, many bikers are turning to shipping containers to provide effective storage and security for their beloved steeds. These robust, pre-built containers are enormously versatile and have a number of advantages that make them an excellent choice for safe, easy motorcycle storage.

No assembly required

Even the simplest timber garages take a considerable amount of time and effort to construct, which can be both difficult and expensive if you're not an experienced builder and need to call in professional help. Shipping containers are ready to use from the moment they are delivered, and they can be set down on almost any firm, level surface with minimal ground preparation.

Very secure

Shipping containers often carry very valuable items, and cargo ports are notoriously tempting targets for thieves; consequently, shipping containers are extremely secure and feature thick doors and heavy-duty locking mechanisms designed to deny access to the most determined intruders. This makes them an excellent choice for the security-conscious biker and saves you time and money that would otherwise be used installing expensive security systems on a garage or shed.


A standard-sized shipping container in good condition will generally cost you a few thousand dollars, which is far less than a simple garage would cost, even if you built it yourself. Smaller containers (often known as 'shorties') are even less expensive, and still provide more than enough space for storing one or two bikes and their associated parts and paraphernalia. 


Shipping containers are built to the withstand gale-force winds and constant exposure to corrosive salt spray, so they are more than capable of shrugging off the worst of the weather without suffering damage or falling victim to rust. Even a cheap, heavily used shipping container can be relied on to provide safe motorcycle storage for decades, and you can prolong its life even more by applying rustproof paints when its original coating of paint degrades.


If you decide to move house in the near (or far) future, your shipping containr can come with you, easily transported on the back of a standard flatbed truck. This saves you going to the effort and expense of either buying a new container or constructing a garage on your new property.

For additional information, contact a company that offers shipping containers for sale.

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