Choosing the best air compressor for your company

Air compressors are a vital piece of equipment for many businesses. They are used to provide the power behind a lot of tooling, but how much do you really know about them? Often the compressor is switched on in the morning, off in the evening and drained as required, but that's about as much as anyone knows. When it is time to purchase a new air compressor many people are entirely lost. Do you find yourself looking through lists of Hyundai, Nuair, Fini Pro, and Kaesar air compressors and wondering where you should start?

When purchasing an air compressor you need to determine what CFM you need. Your cubic feet per minute or CFM requirement is determined by the combined pressure required by your air tools. If you will only ever use one tool at a time then you must look at the tool with the highest CFM. If you may want to use several tools at once then you must combine the requirements of each tool to reach your CFM.

When calculating your CFM it is also worth remembering that your air system will also be losing pressure through the fittings and couplings so you will need to include this in your calculation as well.

What size air tank should you purchase?

The larger your air tank the longer it will take to get up to pressure, but the longer it will also take to deplete. Generally larger tanks are better and allow your tools to run more consistently, but they do cost more so if you only want to run a single tool on an occasional basis it probably isn't worth investing in a five hundred litre tank.

Is an oil-less compressor a good choice?

Oil-less compressors are a lower maintenance option as they do away with the need for oil changes. They are also normally free from contaminants which has significant advantages if you are using the compressor on a spray gun. However oiled compressors are generally quieter, more consistent and capable of producing a larger output.

Does the warranty cover your operations?

Whether you are working with Fini pro compressors, Kaeser air compressors, or Hyundai air compressors they are all intended for specific purposes. Some air compressors are manufactured for regular commercial use while others are aimed at the amateur or hobbyist market. If you use the air compressor in a way that is contrary to the manufacturersintentions then you won't be covered by the warranty if any problems develop with the compressor.

It is always a good idea to examine the manufacturers warranty and determine whether your intended use is covered. Not only will this stop you voiding the warranty, it will also give you a god idea of the capabilities of the air compressor and whether it is actually capable of performing the task you have in mind.

If you are still not sure whether an air compressor you are considering is the right choice for you then talking to the supplier is a good option. They will have the experience to guide your decision, and help you choose the product most suited to your situation.

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