Parts and Supplies for Olive Harvester Repair

Owning an olive tree grove means having the right tools for olive harvesting. You may have gone with an olive harvester that can harvest quickly and efficiently. The problem with harvesters that handle the harvesting, sorting, and more is that they do have parts that will need repairs. If you are planning on handling the repair on your own, consider these following parts and supplies to have on hand.

Olive Harvester Belts

One of the parts or supplies you should always have on hand are olive harvester belts. You will find that during heavy harvesting seasons you could break, damage, or wear down a belt easier than at any other time. If you have to replace a belt, and don't have it on hand, you may find yourself losing valuable harvesting time while you wait for a replacement to arrive or wait for a mechanic to come do the work for you. Make sure to have several belts on hand to ensure you always have one to rotate in as you rotate out the damaged one.

Backup Energy Source

If you are using a portable harvester, then you know the value of have a suitable energy source at all times. Unfortunately, you may not always have a backup source on hand. Make sure that one of your staple supplies is a backup power source, if not several backup options. For example, if the portable olive harvester you have is battery powered, make sure you have several fully charged 12v batteries on hand. If your harvester is electric, consider having a solar generator or fuel operated generator backup in case the local power fails or goes out. If you have a portable harvester that can use a dual source of energy, make sure the backup fits one, if not both, of those energy sources. Also, look for universal options in case you need to upgrade your harvester or you have multiple harvester options.

Replacement Filters

Many of the portable and electric olive harvesters also have an extraction tool. This tool sorts out the olives and extracts the oil from them on the spot. If you have an olive harvester with this feature, consider keeping filters on hand that can be changed out easily in the work field. Keep in mind, filters can clog very easily and sometimes may even rip or tear. You need to have a suitable backup so you don't lose time on the job or lose precious oil.

These are just a few of the more common parts you will need to replace or repair on your olive harvester equipment. If you need more advanced parts, blades or other supplies contact your local olive harvester equipment dealer. They can help with pricing, delivery and questions you have regarding your specific olive harvester needs.

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