3 Things to Look for with Refurbished Parts for Hydraulic Pump Repairs

One of the key words you will hear when you face hydraulic pump repairs or hydraulic cylinder repairs is the word refurbished. Refurbished pumps and cylinders generally mean that the equipment has been fixed and new parts or pieces have been placed, reducing the overall costs to you. This usually refers to pieces and parts that required more than a small repair or replacement. What you may not know is that you can use refurbished parts for your hydraulic pump repairs to lower the cost further. Here are three things to look for if you decide to use refurbished parts for your repairs and what to know about each of them.

Manufacturer Refurbished

The first thing you want to look for is if the parts you are using are manufacturer refurbished. There are several reasons this labeling matters. The first reason is the warranty. Usually if parts are manufacturer refurbished, they have some form of short term warranty. If you have a manufacturer refurbished piece, you can also ensure that it fits and will work with the hydraulic pump you have and the repairs you need to make.

Specific Brand Pieces

Having parts that are made specifically for the make and model of pump or hydraulic cylinder repairs offers several benefits. Sometimes universal parts may not fit exactly like they should. This can lead to seal problems and hydraulic pump issues. For example, you may experience leaks or you may not receive the amount of pressure you need in the pump or the cylinder. You can also have the benefit of a warranty or replacement policy if the parts are specific make and model parts. You may find that you need to exchange the piece due to a mistake or that you may need a different piece due to misreading the make or model number. This is easier with make and model specific options.

Experience of the Refurbishing Technician

If you do find yourself buying refurbished parts from a third party, for your hydraulic pump repairs, consider their experience. You not only want to check their experience with refurbishing and rebuilding parts, but also their experience with hydraulic parts in general. You want someone with solid experience with how the pumps and cylinders work rather than someone who does general work. The knowledge will help them to ensure the part is working properly before selling it to you.

These are only three of the tings to look for with refurbished parts for hydraulic pump repairs. Make sure that if you are doing this as a business that you are notifying your customers that the parts used on the repair are refurbished parts. Also, notify the customer if the parts are certified by the manufacturer or if you have refurbished them yourself.

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