3 Machines That Are Vitally Important To Their Industry

When you work in a certain industry for long enough you will become familiar with certain machines that soon become like second nature to you. These tinventions can be so important that your entire industry can rely on them and yet the general public will probably have no idea of their existence. This article looks to shed a light on machines that are important to a specific industry and increase awareness of the ingenious work they do. 

1. Gas Treatment System (GTS)

A gas treatment system is a machine in related to the natural gas industry that is used in close conjunction with a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit. The CHP machine uses natural gasses to drive an engine that generates electricity and, cleverly, uses excess heat used from that process to heat water. How does a GTS fit in here? Well pumping raw natural gas into CHPs can cause malfunctions due to the purity of the gas, which is where the GTS enters the frame. The GTS ensures the CHP is able to work for long periods of time by purifying the gas to a level that is safe to use with little monitoring. The GTS is therefore an instrumental part of the natural gas industry and will become more important as we move more and more towards a future focused on renewable energy. 

2. Digital Printer

The invention and popularisation of the digital printer in the early 1990s drastically changed the industry and expanded it to the consumer market. Digital printing did away with the need for analog plates that had to be constantly switched to create the new content for each new command. Digital printing therefore cut down the time it required to print anything and, as the technology progressed, it became cheap enough that it was affordable on a wider scale. The widespread nature of printing at home and even in small businesses can be attributed to the invention of digital printing.

3. Blood Chemistry Analyser

As the medical industry exploded in the 20th century there were many new machines added to a doctors arsenal but perhaps none more genius than the blood chemistry analyser. The blood chemistry analyser allows doctors to receive detailed information about a patients blood ranging from their alcohol level to making sure their thyroid is functioning properly. It has allowed for the detection of health problems and their subsequent treatment of millions of patients around the world and has saved countless lives. 

These three machines are all very influential in their related industries and are great demonstrations of how much we rely on ultra-specific inventions to keep the gears turning in society. We need to keep in mind that innovation does not have to be universally applicable and if you solve a very specific problem you can still change the world. 

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