Steeling The Show: The Benefits Of Choosing A Steel Roof For Your New Barn

Building a new barn on your farm, orchard or range is a complex endeavour to say the least, and choosing the right materials to build your barn with is vital, as the wrong choice of building materials can turn what should be a robust, long-lasting building into a dilapidated, leaky ruin after just a few years.

Choosing the best materials for your barn's roof is particularly important, and steel roofing is one of the most popular choices for barns and other agricultural buildings.This popularity has a lot of good reasons behind it, and steel barn roofs have many advantages over more traditional roofs made of stone tiles or timber shingles.


As you can imagine, any roof made from thick sheets of steel can take an enormous amount of punishment. Steel barn roofing is tremendously resistant to physical damage caused by falling tree branches and other heavy objects, and its weather-resistant coatings give it ample protection against corrosion and rust. 


This toughness creates a roof that can weather the years well, and a well-chosen steel roof will last as long as the barn itself does, if not longer. Having your roof's weather-resistant coatings renewed periodically will maximise its longevity.

Easy to repair

If, by some dramatic stroke of misfortune, your steel roof does suffer significant physical damage, repairing a steel roof is far easier than repairing a tiled or timber roof. Gouges and tears in individual sheets can be plated or welded shut without compromising the roof's integrity, and roofing sheets that are too badly damaged to be effectively repaired can be replaced easily and swiftly.

Can be installed on flat and shallow-pitch roofs

Choosing the right roofing material for a barn with a flat or shallow-pitch roof can be particularly challenging, as these roofs shed rainwater and snow more slowly and can spring numerous leaks. Steel roofs are excellent for these types of roof, as their smooth surfaces and overlapping sheets allow moisture to shed moisture rapidly. Some specialised types of steel roof, such as standing-seam roofing sheets, are designed to speed up the shedding of rainwater and accumulated snow even more.

Easy to install

Steel roofing sheets are designed to be fitted swiftly with a minimal amount of specialised tools, and fitting a steel roof to a smaller barn can often be completed within a single day. This makes steel roofing an ideal choice if you need a new barn erected quickly to store unexpected crop surpluses or to replace another building that has been damaged beyond repair by fire or other accidents.

Fire resistant

Devastating fires are a constant concern for any barn owner, especially if their barn is used to store highly flammable materials such as vehicle fuel or straw bales. Steel roofing is particularly suitable for barns used to store these flammable materials, as they will not ignite during a blaze and cause the fire to spread out of control.

To learn more about the benefits of steel as a roofing material, contact a steel sales company in your area.

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