Types of Air Cannons for Use on Interior Wall Surfaces

Kilns, silos and bins are frequently used in industrial applications to transport materials to various sites in a controlled and reliable environment. However, these structures tend to get clogged by various bulk materials that may accumulate on the interior surfaces of their walls. Materials such as coal, aggregate and cement can accumulate inside kilns and silos. And if there is any moisture on the inside of these structures, the buildup can become sticky and difficult to get rid of.

Luckily, compressed air cannons provide powerful bursts of air that can be used to dislodge this debris and clean the interior walls for optimal functionality. There are several types of air cannons that can be used for this purpose. This article will explore some of them as well as their benefits.

Hurricane air cannons

Hurricane air cannons get their name from their ability to provide superior air power without using a lot of air. They are thus easy to install and maintain. With a limited volume of air available, they can still provide outputs of high velocity that will prevent your silos and kilns from developing blockages and the buildup of sticky debris.

What makes hurricane air cannons stand out is their ease of use. The entire valve assembly can be modified in one step, making maintenance easy and ensuring your air cannon is always up and running.

Multivalve cannons

If you have multiple silos and bins that need to be regularly cleared of blockages, multivalve cannons will work well for your plant. Each air tank contains independent valves than can be fired on their own schedule to specifically designated silos. The valves can also be fired simultaneously to unblock multiple passages.

The multivalve cannon contains a large reservoir tank to ensure that compressed air is always in ready supply.

Tornado cannons

Tornado air cannons are designed for automation and operational efficiency. This means that they can be triggered to discharge air at higher forces depending on the current conditions of the silo.

A solenoid valve is typically used to detect surges in air and to respond accordingly. For example, when the valve detects certain conditions of temperature and pressure within the silo, it trips and causes a positive change in air pressure. In response, the tornado cannon will blast compressed air into the silo to dislodge any items that may be present within the inside walls. As a result, the flow of materials within the silo is controlled with better precision and safety.

Through their efficient and innovative applications, air cannons have become almost a necessity for various industrial applications.

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