Does Your Company Require Hoisting for Delicate Goods? Don't Just Get Any Wire Rope Hoist

Hoists are used in many industries to perform a wide range of lifting applications that include and not limited to lifting construction material, cargo, warehouse stock and factory products. Such industries include automotive, logging, construction, manufacturing and aerospace, among others. Depending on the nature of the goods your company handles, you may need different types and specifications of wire rope hoists. 

Essential Considerations in Choosing the Right Wire Rope Hoist

You should consider the weight of the goods that your hoist will be lifting and frequency as well. To ensure that you don't overload your hoist, get a hoist that will support a weight higher than the weight of the goods as you never know when you might need to lift some other heavy material. This also covers you if in the future you expand your business and require a crane and hoist to handle heavier material.

The nature of the material to be lifted is also a critical factor. If you are dealing with goods that are not delicate, a basic wire rope hoist is enough. However, if you will be handling delicate or sensitive materials, especially for companies in the nuclear and aerospace industries, you will need special wire rope hoists, modified to handle such applications.

Wire Rope Hoists for Delicate Products

When considering wire rope hoists for sensitive materials, there are features you need to look out for, which include sway control and shock load prevention.

When you let off the travel buttons when lifting a load, it may experience inertia. The force of this inertia may be determined by the speed of bridge travel and trolley, the weight of the load and how low it is hanging from the hoist. The sway control feature helps to anticipate and rectify this inertia force.

To know whether a wire rope hoist has sway control features, check if the motor is controlled by VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives). You might not be able to check, but you can ask your supplier whether the wire rope hoist has sway control. The VFDs are the ones responsible for enhancing precise and controlled movements required to move sensitive products.

You want a wire rope hoist that will sense when a lift is initiated abruptly and slow down the hoist. This feature is known as shock load prevention. If you fail to get this feature, the wire ropes and crane may get damaged and so will your delicate load. If your delicate load includes nuclear or hazardous material, it may lead to a risky event. Even though you have prepared for this, it may cost you in remedial.

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