Tips for Applying Bitumen Perfectly

If you need to apply bitumen to a roof, a parking lot, or any other surface, you may be wondering how you can apply the bitumen perfectly. To avoid errors and have a steady application, you should keep the following tips in mind.

Remove Debris

Before you get started, take some time to remove debris from the area. Sweep away rubbish and rocks, but also remember that you need to remove any loose bits of asphalt. The smoother your surface is when you get started, the better the new bitumen will look.

Grade the Surface

To ensure water runs off the surface after a storm, you need to grade the area carefully. For roofs, you just need a very slight slant that can encourage the water to run toward the guttering, and with parking lots, you want the water to run toward the road so it can travel to the storm drainage area. You can use a simple level along with some sticks and strings to map out your grade, but you may want to hire professionals with lasers.

Add Gravel

If possible, you should add a layer of gravel before brushing on the bitumen. The gravel provides stability under your bitumen surface, and it also helps with drainage. The better your drainage is, the fewer long-term repairs you need to worry about.

Use a Quality Bitumen Brush

When you're finally ready to apply the bitumen, you need to use a quality brush. A long-handled bitumen brush helps you get into hard to reach areas. Ideally, you should invest in a professional quality brush for the best results.

Work in Nice Weather

Unfortunately, if the weather is too hot, your bitumen may dry too quickly. If it's too dry or wet, your bitumen may not be able to retain the right water levels. To avoid issues, you should apply the bitumen when humidity and temperature levels are both as moderate as possible.

Give Special Attention to Transitional Areas

In a lot of cases, your bitumen surface may connect to other surfaces. For instance, a bitumen parking lot may abutt a concrete sidewalk. Keep in mind that you need to pay special attention to these joints. You may want to double check the grading to ensure you don't get puddles in these areas. You also want to make sure that the surface transitions are smooth so that they don't trip pedestrians.

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