Customisation Ideas for Car Elevators

For a long time, parking a car has been straightforward; therefore, property owners spent little time thinking about it. However, car elevators have revolutionised this car parking today. It might explain why the facilities have become a statement feature in modern houses, especially for homeowners looking for uniqueness. Therefore, car elevator installers should focus on customisation to achieve a competitive edge. This article highlights car lift customisation ideas that are not only aesthetically appealing but also functional. Read on to find out more.

Roof Cover -- Car lifts can be installed on a lawn or inside a building. When installed on a lawn, homeowners opt for a simple system that features a recessed floor. However, the downside of such car elevators is that the vehicle must be parked belowground to protect it from the elements. However, some homeowners want to leave their vehicles above ground, especially if they plan to leave shortly. If a car elevator does not have a roof, cars will be exposed to the elements. As such, car elevator installers should target this market by providing lifts with a roof. The best part is that a rooftop can be designed to resemble a lawn or driveway so that the landscape appears uniform when the car lift is not in use.

Rotating Lift -- Small properties have limited parking space, and this is where car elevators come in handy. Unfortunately, standard car elevators restrict car owners regarding approach. For instance, if a client wants to drive forward the following morning, then they must approach a car elevator in reverse. If they approach a car elevator head-on, car owners are forced to reverse as they leave a driveway. You can help clients in this regard by installing rotating car elevators. The car elevator design features a rotating platform that allows a driver to park and drive off from any direction.

Glass Enclosure -- Clients that do not have multi-story homes may prefer to install car elevators on their lawns. However, most of the car lifts are primarily functional and less aesthetic. Nonetheless, it has not stopped car elevator installers from being creative since some are installing hidden glass enclosures in these facilities. A glass enclosure can transform an ordinary car elevator into an aesthetic focal point. It is mainly the case for homeowners that wants to show off their classic vehicles to guests.

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