Scissor Lift Hire Tips

It would be hard to find a construction or industrial site without a scissor lift. It is a mobile platform that uses a hydraulic system to raise employees and enable them to work at heights. New scissor lifts can be expensive. As such, most people opt to hire the equipment for short term use. Read this extensive excerpt to learn the considerations to make when getting a scissor lift hire. 

Compare the Various Scissor Lift Hire Companies

You will want to hire the scissor lift from the company that offers the best services on the market. Consider the following when comparing the various companies:  

1. Customer reviews: If previous customers give positive reviews and excellent ratings on the internet, there is a high probability that the company offers quality services. Contact professional associations and inquire whether the company has engaged in misconduct in the past. 

2. Services: The scissor lift hire company should offer a wide range of support services. For instance, they should transport and service the scissor lift. Besides, they should deploy personnel to train your employees on how to use the scissor lift safely. 

3. Terms: One of your concerns should be whether the scissor lift is insured. It will protect you from liabilities in case of an accident at the site. Most companies are specific about scissor lift safety and operation. They will impose penalties if the scissor lift gets damaged due to your negligence. 

4. Pricing: Ask a few companies to send their quotes. Most companies will allow you to negotiate their pricing policy. For example, you could ask them to offer free transport and repairs. Additionally, you could negotiate the daily charge when the scissor lift is not in use.  

Examine the Available Scissor Lift

Contact the company and inquire whether they have a scissor lift available for hire. There are different scissor lift types and models. Ideally, you should choose a lift that suits your site operations. For example, an electric or pneumatic scissor lift would be ideal for indoor locations or sites with noise restrictions. You should also check the lift's features. For instance, how wide is the platform? Ideally, it should accommodate more than one person. The equipment should have adequate lift limits. It is especially so if your employees will load heavy items on the lift. Do not forget to assess the maximum height of the scissor lift. Moreover, conduct a test to ensure that its controls are fully functional. 

You should now have an easy time when hiring a scissor lift. Compare the rental companies by assessing customer reviews, services, terms and pricing. Additionally, use a scissor lift hire that meets your needs. 

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